What We Must Do To Prepare For Our Ice Hockey

Ice hockey will have fun for people and need a team to solve it. There is a different number of players between the men’s team and the women’s team. There are three types of penalties in ice hockey rules. The round matches in each small group required an item in the Olympic games.

Ice hockey is one of the team’s most interesting programs.

In Europe, America and Canada it is quite in fashion. Ice hockey has high requirements for ice hockey skills, balance abilities and strength. It has graceful moves and also has complex teamwork and fierce attacks in one body ice hockey.

As you probably know it consists of ice hockey and there are twenty players and three goals in a men’s hockey team. However, there are at most eighteen players and two goalscorers in a women’s team. There are six players to join the match at any time. The players have a club in their hands, the aim of which is to make skating shoes and protective equipment on their bodies. There is one match taking place on the ground which has a party wall with wood. Both sides of the match have six players to take part in the match, namely one goalkeeper, two defenders, two strikers and one center. One game has one hour and it will take place with three groups. There is a fifteen minute break between the two halves.

If one team has too many goals, it will be a championship. If two teams have the same goal it is a draw. According to the rules of the international ice hockey union, if you still have a match for ten minutes without making a final result, that is also a draw. The best ice hockey players will achieve fifty miles per hour of sliding speed.

The main rule punished:

Ice hockey is one of the fiercest sports. On the icy surface there are always hard crashes for players. There are several formulations designed for body touch within the ice hockey rules. If the players broke the rules, they would be out of bounds.

Judgment will exclude them for two minutes, five minutes or minutes. This will divide into small penalties, big penalties and small team penalties. This is a tall stick, deliberately traveling, embracing people, beating some with hockey.


There are two stages of competition at the Olympics. The first stage is to divide the twelve men’s teams into two groups and there will be six teams in each group. Dan also has divided the eight women into two groups and each group has four teams. There was a small group round match and we were able to get the result of the final competition. The four teams that are in the row will enter the second step of the match. Finally, one team that wins the other team will get the first palce.

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