Playing Ice Hockey: Tips for Playing Hockey to Play Better


Playing ice hockey isn’t that easy. When you become a hockey player, you have to have regular training for hockey, and you should also apply hockey playing tips so that you will play a better game.

Not everyone who goes through hockey training actually makes it onto the team, or performs well during a match. Playing ice hockey, however, requires a number of skills, and the application of some hockey playing tips. If you want to become a hockey player who plays well then better practice the tips and tricks shared below:

Tip Number One: Make sure your uniform, gear and roller skates are the perfect fit for you.

This tip may be overlooked by some ice hockey players, especially novice players. If you want to do your best during the game of hockey, you have to wear gear / uniforms that are neither too tight nor too loose – in other words, you have to wear gears or a uniform that suits you. Whether you are just training for hockey or you are in an actual game with an actual competitor, you have to make sure that the ‘clothes’ you wear match.

Playing ice hockey in perfectly fitted skates is also a must, as wearing skates that don’t suit you is bound to cause you to look bad, or worse, to get you injured. Keep in mind that part of the hockey play tips list is to actually go to a trusted shop that sells ice skates, and let the shop staff fit you in the right roller skates.

Tip Number Two: Don’t forget the importance of keeping your knees bent.

Anyone who wants to become a hockey player should also remember that bending the knee is very important when he is playing ice hockey. The knee should be bent approximately ninety (90) degrees for better balance and for more accurate movement on ice. At the start of your training for hockey, you have to bend your knees in motion; do it every time you play ice hockey, and to be sure, your body will automatically strike up the pose and allow you to look better.

Tip Number Three: Use your ankles more for making sharp turns and stopping suddenly.

When playing ice hockey, the tips for playing hockey include this: You have to use your ankles when it comes to stopping and sharp turns. The game of hockey, however, is incomplete without frequent fast turns and quick stops, and, to make those moves easier and more accurate, the ankles are the part of the body you should use more of. When you train for hockey, you have to practice making sharp turns and stopping unexpectedly, so that the next time you play a real game, you will have no problem performing the action.