Our experienced training staff is frequently asked by hockey players how to shoot a puck. They swiftly point out that simply learning to shoot a hockey puck is insufficient.

There are various hockey shots for multiple scenarios. In this ice hockey tips blog, we’ll focus on one of the most popular and important shots to master: the wrist shot or wrister.

There are numerous hockey shooting drills and hockey shooting tips available for learning how to take an excellent wrist shot. We’ve discovered that it’s vital to focus on and grasp the fundamentals when teaching hockey shooting. You will notice a significant improvement in the accuracy and speed of your hockey wrist shot if you do this.

How to Get a Better Wrist Shot

When training your hockey wrister, focus on and improve the following fundamentals:

  1. Slid your body forward, the puck remaining on your back foot.
  2. A draw motion is the most successful wrist shot. You aim to pull the puck toward the net from your back foot.
  3. The position of the puck on your stick is crucial. Position the puck on the tow of the stick as far out as possible, with the heel of the stick slightly off the ice.
  4. Take a step towards the goal while pressing down with your bottom hand on the stick’s toe.
  5. Pull the blade to the target and follow through with it.

A hockey shooting tarp is a terrific hockey training accessory to utilize while practicing your wrist shot. It is critical to aim at and strike a target rather than simply throwing the puck into an empty net. The use of a hockey shooting tarp can help you enhance your wrist shot accuracy. Here’s a 10% off discount code for the world’s best hockey tarp, the Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp, just for reading our blog.