History of Ice Hockey


We can learn from the passage that ice hockey has a long history. The earliest records of ice hockey can be seen in Dutch publications in the seventeenth century. It is said that ice hockey originated from land hockey.

In the seventeenth century, we can see the earliest records of ice hockey in Dutch publications. Gentlemen skating down frozen rivers on round cake slides under the condition of wearing skating boots tied with bones. In the early 19th century, records of the Canadian Micmac Indians appeared during a similar game, he used a stick and forest round cake.

Another argument is that ice hockey originated from an ancient American sport called lacrosse.

But the theory, which is widespread and accepted is that field hockey was the precursor to ice hockey. Hockey has a long history of more than five hundred years and originates in northern Europe. This kind of sport was introduced to North America by British soldiers stationed in Canada.

On December 25, 1855 in Canada, the first match was held in Kingston. The sport of ice hockey was preached to Europe in 1858. Canada began using disc ice hockey in 1860, which was made of rubber. On the third March, 1875 in Montreal Victoria from Canada, the first official hockey game was held at McGill University, two teams participated in it. At that time, each team had thirty players on the field. In 1879, Canadian McGill University students Professors Robertson and Smith worked on the rules of the game. They require that each team can have nine players in a match. In Canada, hockey is quickly becoming the most popular item. In 1885, the first Amateur Hockey Association was founded; people who like to play hockey can attend. But it seems absurd that the Association collects fees from amateurs. To analyze progress at this stage, you can find that athletes are starting to use more equipment to confirm safety concerns, such as goalkeepers overuse of boards and wearing masks.

Then, ice hockey spread to the United States and Europe.

The Canadian ice hockey team brought their ice hockey show to the United States for the first time in 1893. In Les Wong of Switzerland, the first European ice hockey club was founded in 1902.The International Ice Hockey Association was founded in 1908 in Paris, IIHF is its new name . League headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. England won the first ice hockey tournament, which was held in 1910. Seven years later, the United States Hockey League was founded. In 1967, only six teams participated in the game. In recent years, the NHL has become the professional and commercial league in the world.

In 1912, the Canadian National Hockey Association first introduced the six-person playing method, and it is used by the International Ice Hockey League until now. And the influence of the NHL is also becoming bigger and similar to that of world basketball NBA. The American Hockey League Stanley Cup is a legendary honor. Women’s ice hockey started in the 1860’s. In 1892, the first women’s ice hockey competition opened in the Ontario of Toronto. In 1916, the first international women’s ice hockey game was held in America, both American and Canadian athletes participated in it.